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Incinolet (Residential)

INCINOLETis an ideal choice of toilets when you are living in an area with any of the following limitations

• availability of sewer
• location of septic tank
• capital outlay of septic tank
• on-going cost of septic pump out
• proximity to rivers and creeks
• availability of water
• cost of water
• cost of plumbing
• capital outlay for waste water treatment system
• space requirement for waste water treatment system
• proximity of water table to ground surface
• Negative affect on essential bacteria in composting toilets and biocycle
treatment systems from some prescription medications

All of the above limitations can be mitigated with the installation of one or more Incinolet toilets.Incinolet is a very cost-effective alternative to the “traditional” waste or black water disposal and/or treatment systems.

Now available in a white powder coat finish over stainless steel, Incinoletwill look at home in any residential bathroom or toilet location.Available in 2 capacities, 1800watt and 3600watt, an Incinolet toilet/s can be selected to suit any size family.


Installation of INCINOLET is simple.

• Place the toilet in your preferred location
• Connect the vent pipe to the unit, then to outside
• Connect to recommended power source via plug or hard wire
• Mount bowl liner dispenser

The 1800 watt model requires a minimum 10 amp/240volt power circuit and the 3600 watt model requires a minimum 20amp/240 volt power circuit.

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