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Hi-Tech Gas Heaters



  • 27 kW
  • 45 kW
  • 55 kW
  • 90 kW
  • 110 kW
  • 135 kW
  • 165 kW
  • 180 kW
  • 220 kW
  • 275 kW
  • 330 kW
  • 360 kW
  • 385 kW
  • 440 kW etc…
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Use of Bosch/Rinnai commercial grade water heaters as primary heating unit
Forced draught burner system
Up to 94% thermal efficiency (condensing unit)
Use of Bowman heat exchangers with titanium tube as secondary heating unit
100% heat transfer between water heater and Bowman units
Titanium tube impervious to corrosion from pool or spa water
10 year warranty on Bowman heat exchanger titanium tube against pool or spa water corrosion
The only gas pool heating system that carries a warranty against pool and spa water corrosion
5 year warranty on Bosch or Rinnai heat exchanger
Elimination of condensation within the primary heat exchanger (main cause of heat exchanger sooting in atmospheric pool heaters)
System comes complete with top up tank, digital thermostat control, overtemperature manual reset control, primary circulating pump, flow switch, all primary water connections already complete, equipment already attached to a heavy gauge galvanized frame.
Can reduce your current gas pool heating costs by up to 30%
Quick payback of capital costs
Much longer life expectancy of “Hi-Tech” pool heating system
System can also be supplied in pieces for difficult retro-fit installations
Excellent redundancy due to multiple gas heaters on one system

Hi-Tech 90RFM Specification sheet

Heating unit Rinnai 200HD x 2
Type Internal or external
Gas input 400 MJ/HR
Gas type Nat Gas or LPG
Gas requirements (minimum) Nat 1.13kPa
LPG 2.75kPa
Gas inlet size 20mm (3/4”)
Output Up to 90 kW
Power requirements 240 volt
2 x 10 amp GPO
PX-100 10.0 - 11.5
Dimensions 1000mm x 700mm at base
W 1250mm at top (approx)
D 690mm at top (approx)
H 1500mm
Weight 120kg (approx)
Clearances (at top) Front 500mm Rear 500mm LHS 100mm RHS 300mm
Town water requirement Yes
Header tank Aluminium with self regulating float
Pool water flow 380 L/Min
Primary circulating pump Davey HM60-06/Grundfos CM3-2
Thermostat Elliwell digital
Over temp manual re-set Yes
Secondary heat exchanger Bowman 5114-5T
Connection size (pool) 50mm
Materials Titanium tube
Cast iron shell
Frame Galvanized Unistrut
Flow switch Caleffi 25mm

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