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Bowman Heat Exchanger

EJ Bowman manufacture Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers for boilers, solar panels, heat pumps and gas heaters.

They provide excellent heat transfer performance with a 10 year warranty on the titanium tube against pool or spa water corrosion.

When it comes to heat transfer solutions for your pool, Bowman delivers nothing less than optimum performance. Literally tens of thousands of Bowman heat exchangers are operating efficiently and reliably around the world, from spas, hot tubs, Olympic pools, Crocodile ponds, Orchards, water bottling plants, to aquaculture.


Whether your pool uses conventional heating or renewable energy, the unique design and technology of Bowman heat exchangers will help you achieve faster heat-up times while reducing your energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions. All this with a 10 year warranty against pool water corrosion.

Just some of the benefits of choosing a Bowman heat exchanger for your needs.

Energy savings

With more heat transfer tubes than most competitors’ products, Bowman units heat up to three times faster, reducing energy costs and saving money.

Simple to maintain

An easily removeable tubestack and end covers makes cleaning and maintenance procedures very simple and straightforward.

Outstanding reliability

With a choice of titanium, stainless steel or cupro-nickel tube stacks, there’s a Bowman heat exchanger to suit any type of water (only the Titanium tubestack comes with the 10 year corrosion warranty) Designed and built to the highest quality standards, Bowman units provide outstanding levels of operational reliability and durability.

Titanium tube stacks

Titanium is the ultimate ‘fit and forget’ material for swimming pool heat exchangers. It is capable of withstanding attack from all known chemicals and is suitable for use with any type of pool water. Bowman now offer titanium tube stacks, with a 10-year corrosion guarantee, for every model in the range.

Solar and renewable energy

Bowman also offer a range of heat exchangers for solar and renewable energy, for swimming pool owners wishing to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. These units are specially designed to work with lower temperature water from solar panels or ground source heat pumps and need less energy to heat pools to the required temperature.


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